Install Steam on Kali Sana

Well I had a hell of a time installing Steam on Kali Linux. I got it up and going and figured I would make a guide on getting it up and running fast with a root account none of this was really my work but I had to use a few other people’s are work and I have noted where I have found it at as they deserve the credit. Also note you will have to figure out how to install your own restricted drivers if you want your video card to run optimal but I have faith in you to figure that out.

Step 1:

Install Code-Jokey before you start as it is required and makes it run a little better. Credits are in the Script.

#inspired by kochd’s script
# installs equivs which is used to generate fake packages
sudo apt-get install equivs# creates a file called ‘tmp’
> tmp# appends package info to tmp
echo ”
Package: jockey-common
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Installed-Size: 728
Maintainer: Martin Pitt <>
Architecture: all
Source: jockey
Version: 0.9.7-0ubuntu7
Depends: bash,
Description: user interface and desktop integration for driver management
Jockey provides a user interface for configuring third-party drivers,
such as the Nvidia and ATI fglrx and various Wireless LAN
kernel modules.
This package contains the common data shared between the frontends.
Python-Version: 2.7” >> tmp

# builds fake package
equivs-build tmp
# installs fake package
sudo dpkg -i jockey-common_0.9.7-0ubuntu7_all.deb

rm tmp jockey-common_0.9.7-0ubuntu7_all.deb


Step 2:

Download the edited client:

In Terminal

dpkg –add-architecture i386

apt-get update

sudo dpkg -i steam-debian_1.0.0.43-2_all.deb

Step 3:

Run it as Root

Browse to /usr/bin/
find steam and edit the file and in the middle area find this

# Don’t allow running as rootif [ “$(id -u)” == “0” ]; then
show_message –error $”Cannot run as root user”
exit 1

and replace the 0 with a 1 like this

# Don’t allow running as root
if [ “$(id -u)” == “1” ]; then
show_message –error $”Cannot run as root user”
exit 1

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