Hack Mobile Phones With Bluetooth

You must have seen in movies that a HACKER accessing mobile phones to steal their important data. Bluetooth hacking is the most popular way to hack or to steal data from any phone.

There are lot of tools and softwares available on internet that can be used to hack any phone.
One of the most popular ways to transfer data between two mobile devices, in range, is via Bluetooth. But Bluetooth just like any other wireless network is prone to attackers. Bluetooth hacking could be classified into the following ways.
  • BlueJacking
  • BlueSnarfing
  • BlueBugging

In this post I have outlined only some Bluetooth hacking software.

1. Bluescanner :

The first thing one would need in bluetooth hacking, is to identify all the devices ahve their blutooth turned on. Bluescanner is a tool for windows OS , which help in discovering the Bluetooth devices as well as tries to get all the information for a newly discovered device.

2. Super Bluetooth Hack

This is one of the best tool used in hacking and is used to read information and controlling any phone with remote cell phone via Bluetooth.The Phone call list and SMS can be stored in the HTML type. In addition, it can also show the information about the battery, Sim network and many more.
If you want to download the software (Super Bluetooth Hack) simply download it and use it. It is quite easy to use. Follow these steps to install SBH(Super Bluetooth hack) directly to your phone :
1.Go to m.brothersoft.com.
2.Find Quick Download Page link at the bottom of the page.
3.Enter this Code: 127249
4. And your download will start Automatically.

3. BTbrowser

It is a J2ME mobile application which offers the same functionality similar to that BlueScanner.With this tool you can the browse and explore files. This application works on phones , which support JSR-82 such as Nokia 6600 and Sony Ericssion P900.  Download

4. BTCrawler

The BT Crawler is a device scanner for window Based mobiles. It can also perform other bluetooth hacking techniques, namely Bluesnarfing and bluejacking, to vulnerable bluetooth devices in range.
Download BTCrawler  Download.

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