Drone Operating System: Now Customize Drones Using Airware



With the ever widening scope and demand in various fields, drones have till now treaded a long way to the minds of the people. Drones are, nowadays, much popular in the business arena and almost all desire for them because of their efficiency to perform even the dullest, dirty and dangerous jobs in the world with utmost ease. The only problem that has to be encountered is that drones can be difficult to program and pilot.

The four-year-old company, Airware is about to change the scenario. It has launched an Aerial Information Platform that allows the commercial businesses to license its Flight Core Autopilot technology, Ground Control stations for dispatching drones and also its cloud platform for customizing missions and collecting data.

 Airware is perhaps the premier drone startup from the Silicon Valley. Airware’s initiative is meant to provide great convenience to the business enterprises and also at the same time, it is going to give the drone technology a major boost in the upcoming years as Airware’s integrated hardware, software and cloud system will allow the users to access and customize the drones as per their requirement, making them suitable for everyone’s need; so without any doubt the demands will soar high.

However, Airware recently demonstrated the working of its platform at an isolated farm in Petaluma with the help of a variety of drones meant for different uses. Moreover, they provided an overlook to the core technologies of the platform: the Flight core autopilot system which is the brain for the drones that Airware produces; the Ground control station that lets the users operate drones using a laptop or a tablet; and the cloud system that lets enterprises keep track of the jobs to be done and ensure that they are complying with the flight regulations.

With Airware, handling a drone is a child’s play. All you need to do is manually pilot it and having completed the task, you can transfer the information to your laptop or tablet or PC. Its goal is pretty simple- it aims to do away with the expertise needed to fly complicated drone missions and this makes it best suited for beginners.

The people operating the drone just have to set up the standard Airware control system, enhance it with cloud widgets to customize their drones as per their need, and the data automatically flows to their laptop or tablet.

Interestingly, it allows the operators to just trace a flight path on a map rather than flying the drone in real-time. It also supports the fixed-wing drones, which can cover regions of roughly 1,000 square acres.

Moreover, the CTO of Airware, Buddy Michini, and CEO Jonathan Downey explained Airware’s plug-in system that allows the users create widgets for the ground Control station in the C++ language. Actually, these widgets are the main reason behind Airware sticking with Windows for its tablet app. The customers will not require to create their own app with the exact drone interface needed, instead, using windows will let them download the same app to each tablet but will provide different interfaces by simply checking the widgets.

Michini also told of the App Core, which will provide a full-on Linux computer for developers to work with in addition to the standard Flight Core autopilot and Ground Control station integration. Moreover, it will enable the users to experience more advanced sensor and image processing tools. Airware costs $2500 per drone per year and customers have to pay a subscription.

Airware is currently receiving investment from Intel, GE, A16Z, Kleiner, First Round, Google Ventures and various other prestigious funds.

Now, it’s very clear that drones are much more than war machines and are meant to be in this world for something really big and great. Drones are very soon going to occupy a major part of our lives and might possible that each one of us will have one of our own in our own place. Voice your opinions through comments.

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Want to Become a Hacker, Start your Hacking Career Today


Realize that learning hacking can be a slow and a tedious process. You’ll achieve your goal if you enjoy the process of experimenting and by embracing the frustrations you face when things don’t work, and when you suddenly get curious about an infrastructure.
Step 1. Install Kali linux. (I liked it when they called this backtrack. 😦 )
Rebirth of BackTrack, the Penetration Testing Distribution. Set this as your wallpaper till you don’t get a firm grip on basic commands.

kali linux commands



Step 2. Start learning programming side by side. Also, set aside a specific time for working on networking and hacking everyday.

Step 3. Learn about network infrastructures, cryptography and how things are built. The last one is really important, if you are to invade a building, it is very helpful to have a blueprint and knowledge of how it was built in order to start the invasion. Learn about routers and firewalls.

Step 4. Don’t read, do! 

Step 5. Learn common exploits, basic stuff used for wireless cracking WPA/WPA 2 airsniff, aircrack-ng. SQL-Injection, decryption techniques, brute force etc. When you read about them, do them. Make a lock, and break it. Doing is extremely important.

I write this from my experience. When I was in 4th grade, I was crazy about computer networks. In 6th grade we had a hacking competition (not a hackathon) in school, where we had to hack the school server and get access to encrypted data (using a server client which had limited privileges). In my house, I had about 5 computers in a room, a CAT 5 cable and some free time with me.

There were no 6th graders in the competition and I had to get special permission. So 9th and 10th grade kids were all up for the competition and everybody had a weird look when I walked in. Some even started laughing, that I’d try my hand at hacking. I hacked the server within 15 minutes and bagged the prize. They had about 6 hours and none of them could do it.

Also, no amount of courses or books can teach you how to hack. Just like you don’t learn driving by reading books, you need to learn hacking by doing it. Have a server set up, and try to hack it. Others have already mentioned it, but please don’t be the next Ankit Fadia.

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Image source: bbb.org , cs-agreda.com