Best Tracks To Listen To Whilst Hacking or Programming

best tracks to listen to whilst hacking
best tracks to listen to whilst hacking

I have made a list based on your comments about the best tracks to listen to whilst hacking or programming. Feel free to comment and I will add them to the list.

black sabbath – iron man
Godsmack – I stand alone
Zoraide – Cairobe
Rev Theory – hell yeah
Black Label Society – My Dying Time
skilet – monster
Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard Play Hard
Matrix soundtrack – clubbed to death
Rage against the machine – Wake up
David Guetta – Dangerous
Giorgio Moroder – 74 Is the New 24
United State of Pop 2014 – Do What You Wanna Do
Delerium – Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan
linkin park – Numb
A Skylit Drive – Crazy
2 Pac – Hit em up
Zedd – Clarity
goo goo dolls – Iris
iron maiden brave new world
Avicii – Levels
The Unlikely Candidates-Follow My Feet
Joe Esposito – You’re the best around
The Heavy – Short Change Hero
The Best of Two Steps From Hell | Ultimate Playlist
KT Tunstall – black horse and a cherry tree
Two Steps from Hell
Ryan Leslie-Swiss Francs
Windows Remix
Berlin Breakdown
come what may -air supply
Tristam – ‘Till It’s Over
Tristam – I remember
jerryc – Canon rock
system of down – Toxicity
Cradle of filth- new day kicking
Metallica – master of puppets
battery, ride the lightning
Anti flag – you gotta die for your government
Guile’s theme
bryan adams – Dont give up
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher ground
TWRK – Living Room
life after river
Great Dane invite only
Drop the Bass trap remix
radioactive – imagine dragons
iron man – ready aim fire
System of a Down – Attack
linkin park – in the end
Daft Punk – Airodynamic
Daft Punk – Around the World
Daft Punk – One more time
Metallica – Orion
Police – The Other Way of Stopping
Flogging Molly – Black Friday Rule
That Fucking Tank – Stephen Hawkwind
Trans Am – Future World
Turing Machine – Synchronicity III
Prodigy – Voodoo People
Powerman 5000 – Free, Bombshell, When Worlds Collide
Prodigy – Thunder
Deadmau5 – The 16th Hour
Elephant – Tame Impala

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Movie Soundtracks

Tron Soundtrack
The Social Network Soundtrack
The Matrix Soundtrack
Resident Evil Soundtrack

Can’t be bothered to search for the songs above?… here are some random ones you would never hear on the radio… feed you inner geek!

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